On-job learning
This is the practical learning side of your apprenticeship where you will do different roofing tasks at work. A supervisor will teach you how to do things and make sure you learn how to do them correctly.
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Block courses
This is the classroom learning aspect of the apprenticeship. You’ll attend some four-day classes at a training provider and learn the theory behind what you’re learning on the job.
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Online learning
Online learning consists of live interactive webinars where industry experts cover the theory that supports your practical learning.
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How our system will work.

The basic qualification for entering into the apprenticeship system will be the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSS). Apprentices will be attached to a participating employer in specific trades of their choice to receive on-going hands-on training at the work place for a period of three years.

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Our Plan

NMB Consulting together with its private sector partners are seeking to develop and operate an apprenticeship system to conform to the broad objectives of the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) and the government of Ghana. The system will be modeled on the world-class apprenticeship system currently operating in Nova Scotia and consistent with the Red Seal program in Canada.