Roofing Apprenticeships in nMB skills Development

An apprenticeship in roofing with NMB provides workers with the encouragement and support they need to succeed. Kick-start your career in roofing and apply for an NMB apprenticeship today.


Enrolling in an apprenticeship is one of the most effective ways to advance your career in roofing. At NMB, we provide aspiring tradespeople with highly sought after practical and theoretical experience in the roofing construction fields, as well as NMB qualification. Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you’ll be able to step into the booming roofing industry that is currently lacking trained, motivated and enthusiastic tradespeople

Roofing construction is predicted to grow by a staggering 20% over the next four years. That means there are more jobs available than before, a massive demand for qualified workers and wage growth is far exceeding that of many other industries

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Why Become an Apprentice with NMB Skills Development?

No Stress

We'll get you into roofing construction regardless of your experience.

Equipment Allowance

Receive up to Ghs 8,000.00 per year to buy tools for roofing work.

Job Security

Attain the in-demand skills that employers want for a roofing job.

Fast Growing Industry

One of the fastest growing apprenticeship industry in Ghana